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Manufacturer:Late for the Sky
College-Opoly, you get all the fun of a traditional property trading game with some major twists. In College-Opoly, players encounter college life scenarios such as increased tuition, bad dates, crazy profs, and flunking out! It's just like college--it just doesn't take as long to finish! Players collect student stereotypes, earn credit hours and trade them in for diplomas. In College-opoly, the students earn more money when they have a diploma. So roll the dice and get your game on. You might become homecoming queen, or you may end up guzzling caffeine as you pull an all-nighter! Experience college life at its craziest. The five custom pewter player's tokens include a Slice of Pizza, Gym Shoe, Graduation Cap, Bicycle and a Can of Soda.

8+2 to 5

Available in inventory at $29.95 each.

LFS-2000 :

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