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Name:Raccoon Mini Building Blocks
Manufacturer:Impact Photo Graphics
Raccoon Mini Building Blocks
(Procyon lotor)

Native only to the Americas, the raccoon is a nocturnal solitary animal. It spends most nights foraging for food along stream banks. Raccoons sometimes appear to wash their food. However, they are actually wetting their paws to increase their sense of touch as they knead and tear at their food, feeling for edible material. Females prefer to nest in hollow trees or other protected places.

339 piece three-dimensional mini-lego puzzle.



Available in inventory at $9.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $12.00
You save $2.05, a discount of 17%

IPG-47359 :

Raccoon Mini Building Blocks is also a part of the following sets:

Urban Invasion
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