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Name:HeroScape Master Set 2: Swarm of the Marro
For years the Marro have been summoned to Valhalla. Now rumors are spreading that within the uncharted jungle there is an even greater menace waiting. A great Marro Hive, hidden deep within in the jungle swamps and treacherous rock is continuously spawning new savage predators. These creatures, said to be venomous Marro, perhaps even Hivelords, will emerge from their colony and contaminate the world.

Desperate to learn more, brave heroes from all worlds and eras embark into the darkness of the jungle...

The battle of all time rages on as warriors and heroes are summoned to Valhalla to explore the uncharted jungle. This build-and-battle game system lets you create your battlefield with 75 customizable terrain pieces. The landscape in only limited by your imagination. Then, build your army with 24 different warriors, aliens, acid drones and stingers, each with their own strengths. Play the suggested games or create your own.

8+2 or more

We do not have HeroScape Master Set 2: Swarm of the Marro (HAS-41720) in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on demand. Please let them know that you are interested in making this purchase.

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