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Name:Arkham Horror
Manufacturer:Fantasy Flight Games
The End Is Near.

The year is 1926. The place is Arkham, Massachusetts. Gateways to places horrible beyond imagination are opening up around town, releasing hideous creatures into the streets to stalk the night. Worse yet, if enough of the gates open up, then a creature of unfathomable power will be unleashed on the world.

Pitted against these overwhleming odds is a small band of investigators determined to beat back the uncaring forces of the universe. They will have to delve deep into the mysteries of the Mythos and use all of their skills, weapons and spells if they want to have even a slim chance of success.

The classic game of Lovecraftian adventure returns in a new edition after almost twenty years! Arkham Horror is an adventure boardgame for 1 to 6 players, taking 2 to 4 hours to play.

Named 35th of Top 100 Games 2006 by National Games Week.
Named 79th of Top 100 Games of 2005 by National Games Week.
Named Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Boardgame of 1987 by Origins.

Available for pre-order at $39.95 each.


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