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Manufacturer:Educational Insights
Rumis is the exciting game of three-dimensional strategy! There'll be no stone left unturned in this challenging strategy game. Inspired by the architecture of the Inca, Rumis (meaning stones) sharpens spatial awareness and critical thinking skills as players strategize to outwit their opponents while reconstructing historical Inca monuments of a pyramid, tower, stairs and wall.

Each player receives 11 Rumis stones of one color. Players begin constructing the building one stone at a time, strategically placing their stones to prevent opponents from having the most visible colored stones. Construction is limited by the shape and height of the building and by the number of players. The player with the most stones visible from the above wins!

Rumis comes with four beautifully designed game boards, a unique custom turntable, 44 wooden Rumis stones and instructions for variations on the game including a habit-forming version of solitaire.

Available in inventory at $23.95 each.

ED-2992 :

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