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Name:CCRN Caving First Aid Kit
Manufacturer:Colorado Cave Rescue Network
The Colorado Cave Rescue Network recommends this personal first aid kit for cavers. The kit includes:

* Pelican 1020 Series Micro Case (waterproof plastic container)
* 1 3" X 1.5" Rolled Bandage
* 1 3" X 1.5" Rolled Dressing
* 3 Small Moleskin Pads
* 2 Tea Candles
* 1 Mini Lighter
* 1 Pair compact Scissors
* 1 Pencil (4" long w/ eraser)
* 1 Pair Disposable Latex Gloves
* 2 3" X 3" Gauze Sponges (sterilized dressing pads)
* 1 Small Plastic Pill Container
* 3 3" X 5" Index Cards

Need tea light refill?

Available in inventory at $29.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $50.00
You save $20.05, a discount of 40%

CRN-1 :

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