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Name:Atlas of the Great Caves of the World
Manufacturer:Cave Books
Artist:Paul Courbon
Claude Chabert
Peter Bosted
Karen Lindsley
Publisher:Cave Books
Atlas of the Great Caves of the World
Atlas of the Great Caves of the World is an almanac, encyclopedia and book of records all under one cover. It is an invaluable reference book for cave explorers and cave enthusiasts of all levels.

Contained in its pages are:

  Descriptions of over 2,000 caves from all over the world. 540 in America, 310 in Asia, 950 in Europe, 190 in Africa and 169 others.
  Maps of 200 caves that are either more than 700m deep or over 30km long or of special interest.
  Caves and maps are listed for 118 countries, arranged in descending order of depth and length within that country.
  Special section on deep pits with profiles of pits over 300m deep.
  World's Longest Caves List.
  World's Deepest Caves List.
  Chronology of World Depth Record.
  Record Cave Dives.
  Longest Cave Chambers.
  Non-limestone Caves.
  Complete index of all caves.

Available in inventory at $18.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $21.95
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