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Name:Vancouver Island Marmot Adult and Baby Set
The Vancouver Island Marmot is a highly endangered species on the verge of extinction. It is found only in the mountians of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Island Marmots have rich chocolate-brown fur with contrasting white patches. Individuals live in small colonies in subalpine meadows on steep mountain slopes. Vancouver Island Marmots are herbivores with a diet consisting of berries, flowers, leaves, roots and bark. Vancouver Island Marmots mate in early spring. After a month females bear 3 to 5 young and care for them for eighteen months to two years. The Vancouver Island Marmot hibernate for eight months of the year.

Tragically, this animal is almost extinct. Less than 100 of these amazing animals live in the wild. Only 20 are breeding females. This item is a licensed product. Your purchase helps support the Marmot Recovery Foundation's on-going effort to save this species.

Adult: 10" long.
Baby: 6" long.

Vancouver Island Marmot, baby
Vancouver Island Marmot, adult

We do not have Vancouver Island Marmot Adult and Baby Set (ASD-6200) in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on demand. Please let them know that you are interested in making this purchase.

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