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Name:Colorado's Commercial Caves
Photographer:David Harris
Colorado's Commercial Caves
The Cave of the Winds is one of the American West's most historic caverns, having been shown continuously to the public since 1881. With over two miles of known passageways, the cave is exquisitely decorated with breathtaking stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone and rare beaded helictites. Visitors today tour through much of the system following winding solutional passages leading deep into Colorado's Temple Mountain. Overlooking the rugged Williams Canyon and the resort community of Manitou Springs, the Cave of the Winds is one of the highest commercial caves in the United States with an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level.

This book tells the story of the Cave of the Winds, from the initial 19th century explorations by the young Pickett boys and George Snider to modern-day discoveries by cavers with the Williams Canyon Project of the National Speleological Society. It is a story of two former competitive caves joined together through a 1929 excavation into a majestic single system that extends through a mountain. As an 1888 cave advertisement proclaimed, "They are without a rival for beauty, grandeur, dryness and ease of access combined."

Glenwood Caverns and the Historic Fairy Caves is a history book, a geology book, but above all else, a picture book. It is in large format (magazine size) to allow the display of over 30 magnificent photographs of the formations within the caverns.

The historic portion of the caverns, known as the Fairy Caves, was originally opened to the public in 1886. The Fairy Caves were one of the world's first caves to be illuminated by electric lights. The caves remained open until 1917. They closed on the eve of America's entry into the First World War and remained closed for 82 years.

After the discovery of several magnificent new "rooms" and an astonishing amount of work by the new operators of the caverns, the caves were reopened to the public in the spring of 1999.

Without Rival - the Story of the Wonderful Cave of the Winds
Glenwood Caverns and the Historic Fairy Caves

Available in inventory at $20.95 each.

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