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Name:The Structure and Physical Properties of the Earth's Crust
Manufacturer:American Geophysical Union
Author:John Heacock
M Landisman
S Mueller
B J Mitchell
J H Healy
William Perkins
Robert Phinney
Joseph Berg
Timothy Long
Suryya Sarmah
Lynn Trembly
Robert Bucher
Robert Smith
David Hill
Theodore Madden
George Keller
H Porath
D R Word
H W Smith
F X Bostick
David Blackwell
Anthony Gangi
Neal Lamping
G H Sutton
G L Maynard
D M Hussong
James Whitcomb
Charles Cox
Robert Gordon
Dennis Rader
W F Brace
Peter Wyllie
A L Boettcher
Keisuke Ito
George Kennedy
James Wait
Kenneth Spies
Benedict Levin
Publisher:American Geophysical Union
Editor:John Heacock
Used Book:Very Good Condition
A book in very good condition has some signs of age and use, but it is still in above average condition, without creases, stains or tears.
Library Copy
This book used to be a library book and will have library labels and/or markings.
The Structure and Physical Properties of the Earth's Crust

This book is based on the proceedings of a symposium on the Structure and Physical Properties of the Earth's Crust, held at the University of Colorado. The symposium was jointly sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES).

* Intermediate and Deep Properties of the Earth's Crust, a Possible electromagnetic Wave Guide
Physical Properties of the Continental Crust
* Review of Evidence for Velocity Inversions in the Continental Crust
* A Comment on the Evidence for a Worldwide Zone of Low Seismic Velocity at Shallow Depths in the Earth's Crust
* A Reflection Study of the Wind River Uplift, Wyoming
* Crustal and Mantle Inhomognetics as Defined by Attenuation of Short-Period P-Waves
* Crustal Structure of the Eastern Basin and Range Province and the Northern Colorado Plateau from Phase Velocities of Rayleigh Waves
* Velocity Gradients in the Continental Crust from Head-Wave Amplitudes
* Geophysical Measurements in the Southern Great Plains
* The Resolving Power of Geoelectric Measurements for Delineating Resistive Zones within the Crust
* Electrical Studies of the Crust and Upper Mantle
* A Review of the Evidence on Low-Resistivity Layers in the Earth's Crust
* Crustal Investigations by the Magnetotelluric Tensor Impedance Method
Heat Flow
* The Thermal Structure of the Continental Crust
* An in Situ Method of Determining the Pressure Dependence of Phase-Transition Temperatures in the Crust
Physical Properties of the Oceanic Crust
* Widespread Occurance of a High-Velocity Basal Layer in the Pacific Crust Found with Repetitive Sources and Sonobuoys
* Reflections of P'P' Seismic Waves from 0 to 150 km Depth Under the Ninety East Ridge, Indian Ocean and the Atlantic-Indian Rise
* The Electrical Conductivity of the Oceanic Lithosphere
Laboratory Geophysics
* Imperfect Elasticity of Rock: Its Influence on the Velocity of Stress Waves
* Resistivity of Saturated Crustal Rocks to 40km Based on Laboratory Studies
* A Discussion of Water in the Crust
High Pressure -- High Temperature Geochemistry
* The Nature of the Crust of the Earth, with Special Emphasis on the Role of Plagioclase
* Experimental Limits for Conditions for Melting in the Earth's Crust and Upper Mantle
* An Experimental Study of the Basalt-Garnet Granulite-Eclogite Transition
Wave Guide Propagation
* Analytical Investigations of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in the Earth's Crust
* Note on Calculations of Propagation Parameters for an Idealized Earth-Crust Wave
* Radio Propagation Through the Crust -- Retrospect and Prospect

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