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Name:360 Degrees of Lechuguilla Cave Interpretive CDROM
Manufacturer:360 Parks
360 Degrees of Lechuguilla Cave Interpretive CDROM
"Discovered in 1986, Lechuguilla quickly gained fame as one of the longest, deepest and most exotic caves in the world.

Lechuguilla is decorated by large amounts of gypsum and lemon-yellow sulfur deposits. A fantastic array of rare speleothems, some of which had never been seen anywhere in the world, includ 20 foot gypsum chandeliers, 20 foot gypsum hairs and beards, 15 foot soda straws, hydromagnesite balloons, cave pearls, subaqueous helictites, rusticles, u-loops and j-loops. Lechuguilla Cave surpassed its nearby sister, Carlsbad Cavern, in size, depth and variety of speleothems."

Explore Lechuguilla Cave!
+ 20 interactive 360 degree panoramas!
+ Fully Illuminated views in all directions!
+ Produced in Collaboration with the National Park Service and Cooperating Association!
+ Illustrated Quad Maps
+ 3D Model Interactive Renderings
+ Overview of Research in Lechuguilla
+ Interpretive Text for Every View!
+ Free Bonus Screensaver Included!

Available in inventory at $16.95 each.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $19.95
You save $3.00, a discount of 15%

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