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D&D Heroscape Master Set: Battle for the Underdark
HeroScape 10: Champions of Renown
HeroScape 10: Soulborgs
HeroScape 10: Warriors and Soulborgs
HeroScape 10: Warriors of Feldspar
HeroScape 1: Grut Orcs
HeroScape 1: Heroes of Bleakwoode
HeroScape 1: Snipers and Vipers
HeroScape 1: The IX Roman Legion
HeroScape 2: Drones and Minions
HeroScape 2: Heroes of Barrenspur
HeroScape 2: Knights and the Swog Rider
HeroScape 2: Minute Men and Wolves
HeroScape 3: Gorillas and Hounds
HeroScape 3: Heroes of Nostralund
HeroScape 3: Kilts and Commandos
HeroScape 3: Monks and Guards
HeroScape 4: Greeks and Vipers
HeroScape 4: Heroes of Trollsford
HeroScape 4: Lawmen and Samurai
HeroScape 4: Soulborgs and Elves
HeroScape 5: Gladiators and Agents
HeroScape 5: Ninjas and Samurai
HeroScape 5: Soulborgs
HeroScape 5: Warriors and Soulborgs
HeroScape 6: Archers and Kyrie
HeroScape 6: Heroes of Durgeth
HeroScape 6: Shades and Orcs
HeroScape 6: Zombie Horde
HeroScape 7: Fiends and Vampires
HeroScape 7: Heroes of Elswin
HeroScape 7: Spearmen and Riflemen
HeroScape 7: Templar Knights
HeroScape 8: Elves
HeroScape 8: Heroes of the Molten Sea
HeroScape 8: Marro Cavalry
HeroScape 8: Soldiers and Wolves
HeroScape 9: Braves and Brawlers
HeroScape 9: Dividers and Defenders
HeroScape 9: Dwarves and Repulsors
HeroScape 9: Heroes of the Moon Tribe
HeroScape Aquilla's Alliance
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 10: Thora's Vengeance/Valkrill's Gambit
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 1: Malliddon's Prophecy
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 2: Utgar's Rage
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 3: Jandar's Oath
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 4: Zanafor's Discovery
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 5: Thora's Vengeance
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 6: Dawn of Darkness
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 7: Fields of Valor
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 8: Defenders of Kinsland
HeroScape Expansion Set Wave 9: Blackmoon's Siege
HeroScape Expansion: Raknar's Vision Heroes of Lindesfarme
HeroScape Expansion: Thaelenk Tundra
HeroScape Expansion: The Battle of All Time - Marvel Game Set
HeroScape Fortress of the Archkyrie Expansion Set
HeroScape Master Set 2: Swarm of the Marro
HeroScape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie
HeroScape Orm's Return: Heroes of Laur
HeroScape Orm's Return: Road to the Forgotten Forest
HeroScape Ticalla Jungle
HeroScape 5: Warriors and Soulborgs
Match the terrifying Deathreavers with the incredibly agile Warriors of Ash...more...
price: $39.95

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