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1. What kind of shipping services do you offer?
To save you money we generally ship by ground service. This usually takes a week. If you desire air or express service, we will be happy to help you out, but the price for shipping may go up dramatically. We have shipping agreements with USPS, FedEx and UPS. Shipping costs appear in the shopping cart.
2. If I buy today, will you ship tomorrow?
Most likely, if you pay with a credit card. But we don't guarantee that we'll be able to ship the following day if the order comes in after 6 PM Mountain Time. To make sure that we are able to prepare and package your order on time please have your order in earlier in the day.

If you paid with a check, we will be happy to accept the payment, but due to previous experience, we will hold your order until our bank clears your check.

Please note that all shipping services are closed weekends and holidays. We can accept orders at any time, but we can only ship when our shipper is accepting packages. As a rule, packages go out the following business day at 9 AM.
3. Can you ship a partial order?
If your order is being held due to product availability or a pre-order, we will not be able to ship the order in parts. If you wish to have us ship what's available now and what will arrive later when it comes, you need to place two separate orders and pay for separate shipping.
4. I have my own shipping number/contract. Can you ship using that?
Yes. Contact us to make arrangements for shipping. We will charge you for packaging, if needed, and use your shipper number to send you your order.
5. I need to change the delivery address of my order.
This might be a tricky request. If we have not sent your order out at the time of your request, we would be happy to use a different address. If the order has been shipped, we are powerless to help you. Once turned over to the shipper, the box is legally your property and we will not be allowed to redirect the package. We will be happy to help you by giving you the package's tracking or routing number, if there is one, and information on how to contact the shipper.
6. How do I track my package?
If your shipping selection included a tracking option (most do), we will send you the tracking number. If the e-mail was eaten by your spam filter or you misplaced it, you can request the tracking number from us.

Once you have your tracking number, click on your carrier (FedEx, UPS or USPS) and enter the tracking number to see what the status of your package is.
7. I never received my package!
The first thing to do is check tracking information (see above). Was the package delivered? We have seen cases where a package was assumed missing when it was delivered at the apartment/condo main office instead of the front door. Packages can also be delivered at the front door, back door, garage door. Some couriers try to hide the package from view, such as behind the bushes, under the porch, etc. Please look at all these options.

Check your original order. Did you give us the correct address to send to? We've seen people move and not update their addresses on PayPal (or with us). We've seen people enter incorrect street numbers, apartment numbers and zip codes. Your neighbor or the guy who bought your house could be wondering what to do with the package they received!

There is also an infrequent situation when porch pirates get your package before you do. This is a key reason we advocate that you set up alerts for your tracking number and have the package shipped to a location that is safe. We can't do anything about porch pirates.

Package still missing? Act fast! If you have a security camera, check the footage. Does your neighbor have a camera with a different perspective? Reach out to the courier and see if they can provide additional information. Some delivery personnel will take a picture of where they left the package. If this was a delivery error, couriers will work with you to resolve it.

Truly lost or stollen? You may need to file a claim with PayPal and/or your credit card. Many of them insure your order as a perk, but you have a narrow window to file the claim in. For expensive orders you can also reach out to your insurance carrier. You may need to file a police report.

By default couriers require that packages over $500 value be signed for upon delivery. You can also reach out to us if you require special handling. We can ship with a required signature upon delivery or (for FedEx and UPS only) give instructions for the package to be held at the courier's facility serving your area, so you can pick it up there.

Our internal policy is to help you understand your delivery options and how to track the package. We can not reimburse a stollen package because once it's on your porch we have no means of assuring its safety.
8. Do you ship/sell internationally?
Yes, but it's not an easy process. The shipping costs listed in the shopping cart are for the United States only. International shipping, even to Canada and Mexico, has different delivery fee structures, plus a customs tax and in some cases we have to charge a customs tax as well. If you live outside the United States and are interested in purchasing something from a Snaggy diMe, we would be happy to work with you. Please contact us so we can give you a quote. These restrictions do not apply if you are in the United States military/government service and have an APO/FPO address.
9. Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
Yes, we do. Shipping to APO/FPO addresses is available only through the USPS.
10. Do you ship to United States territories and dependencies?
Yes, we do. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and other U.S. territories and dependencies outside the continental United States will be shipped via USPS in the same shipping class as selected.

If you wish to receive your package at any of these destinations via FedEx or UPS, please contact us with your request. Please be aware that FedEx and UPS treat American destinations such as Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and APO/FPO destinations as international destinations and charge significantly higher rates.
11. Do you offer free shipping?
Orders that exceed $100 in price are eligible for free shipping. Free shipping allows us to choose the courier and type of delivery service. Delivery will almost always be by ground. If you order items that are not yet in stock, we will not ship until all of the items are in. Free shipping is not available with other discounts. Free shipping is available to domestic destinations only.
12. Are there any international shipping restrictions?
Some foreign countries may block particular items due to local laws. It may sound strange, but dice, games containing dice and playing cards are considered gambling devices and may not be shipped to some countries. There are also restrictions on shipping magnets to certain locations. If your order has a conflict that we identify, we will let you know.


1. Do I have to pay taxes on the internet?
If you live in the same state as the retailer and your state has a sales tax, the seller is responsible for collecting the tax even if the order is via the internet, by phone or through a mail-order catalog. The tax rate is identified based on the shipping (not billing) address.

a Snaggy diMe is located in Aurora, Colorado and we are required to charge up to 10% sales tax, depending on location, for in state sales. PayPal will attempt to calculate your tax rate once you are on their site. Please contact us if you have any tax related questions.

2. How does your credit card processing work?
We live in the age of technology. When you shop, your shopping cart is maintained locally. When you are ready to check out, all infomation is transferred to PayPal where you can make a safe and secure payment. PayPal allows you to pay using a major credit card or by transferring money directly from your bank account. This service is completely free to you. None of the staff at a Snaggy diMe ever see your account numbers, making the transaction safer for you. For more information on PayPal's security, visit PayPal or feel free to send us your questions.
3. Okay, but I'd still rather talk to a person to place my credit card order.
No problem. Give us a call. Click here for our contact information.
4. Do you take checks?
Yes! You can make a purchase using a check or a money order. Download and complete the order form and send it in! You can also use this form to make a credit card order, either by mail or by fax. Some items are limited, so you may want to leave feedback reserving what you want.
5. I made my purchase, but my stuff is still in my shopping cart. Did you receive the order?
If you received a receipt from PayPal, we did receive your order.

Your shopping cart is maintained locally on a Snaggy diMe. We transfer this information to PayPal and PayPal processes the transaction. If you did not follow the return link from PayPal, your cart is not automatically emptied. The shopping cart expires after a few days or you can clear the contents of the cart out yourself by selecting the Empty Cart option.
6. I can't seem to add stuff to my shopping cart!
Your browser permissions are probably too restrictive. (1) Check to make sure that you allow cookies. We use cookies to identify your machine so we may link the shopping cart to it. (2) Check to make sure that you will allow a pop-up. We bring the cart up in a separate window. To preserve your security settings on the internet we suggest that you open these permissions only for
7. I never received a confirmation e-mail from you. Did you get my order?
If you received an e-mail receipt from PayPal, then yes, we do have your order. We're fans of not drowning you in e-mails, so we rely on PayPal to respond to you. PayPal sends you the full itemized list of your order. We will send you an e-mail with a tracking number once your order ships. Ideally that's no later than the next business day.

My Account:

1. I did not think I had an account with you, but it looks like I do!
If you made a purchase from us, we will automatically create an account for you with a randomly generated password. The first time you are logging in, request your password and it will be mailed to you, then once you receive it, we suggest that you change it to make your access secure.

2. Is my information private?
Yes! Above all else we value the privacy of our customers. We record page views on our website, but do not associate the information displayed with our customers. Our page counts are to track customer interest in merchandise. We do not sell, rent or otherwise share any customer information in our possession. Our customers make our business and we will not do anything to compromise their trust. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.

3. Did I really buy all that stuff?
Yep. And we definitely appreciate repeat business. If you believe that there may be an error in your order history, please let us know so we can review your records.

4. Why do you maintain an order history? Other retailers don't.
A customer asked for this feature. We thought it was a good idea.

5. Why don't you show the prices of the purchases?
Privacy reasons. We also won't list your address or phone number in this section for the same reason. If you are looking for a duplicate copy of your receipt/invoice, contact us and we'll send you a copy.

6. Do you have a mailing list?
As a rule we don't spam our customers. No one likes to get weekly (or daily!) solicitations that say, 'buy something from us'. We will notify our customers about new releases in the product lines they expressed an interest in. Usually this adds up to a handful of e-mails each year. You can subscribe to these lists yourself.

7. How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?
Just reply to the e-mail and tell us to take you off the list or follow this link to unsubscribe. We value your patronage and have no desire to irritate you.

8. Do you have a newsletter?
No, we do not, but we do make it easy for you to get updated information about our product lines. We would be happy to hear from you on Facebook and you can always sign up for our e-mail updates on our mailing lists. We know that you receive a lot of e-mail and we work very hard not to send out too many updates. There are normally just a handful of messages every year. And you can always reach out to us directly with any questions or concerns that you may have. We welcome the participation and input of our customers.

Returns and Refunds:

1. You shipped me a broken ...!
Actually, we don't ship broken items. If it's dinged or rattles or gives us any reason to believe that we have a defective product, we will open the item and check to make sure. On rare occassions the courrier we used will have dropped, slammed, ran over or played basketball with a package. It happens.

If you receive an item that is damaged, you must contact us within 7 days of receipt to let us know. Go to our claims form and fill it out. We will send you a replacement and file a claim with the courier. You must hang on to the damaged item and all the packaging until the courier has released it and closed the case. There are occasions when the courier will want to investigate a claim.

Our response to the claim will mirror the courier's response and we will ship a replacement, if available, or issue a refund as soon as we are given a green light.
2. I ordered a duplicate!
2. I ordered something I did not need.
That happens and we understand. If you order an item that you later decide you do not want, we will take it back provided that it is not damaged and comes with all original packaging and accessories. We will charge an appropriate restocking fee if anything is missing. We will not refund the original shipping costs and you will need to pay for the return shipping. We will credit you after we receive the item and make sure that it is in good shape. You may want to insure the return against damage when you are returning it to us. If returned in the first 30 days we will refund the money to your credit card or bank account either by reversing the transaction or by sending you a check. After 30 days we will give store credit that you may use at a later time.

All refunds/returns must be made in the first 100 days after purchase.

We reserve the right to charge up to 5% on order cancellations due to non-refundable transaction fees and up to 20% on open merchandise returned to us.

General Merchandise Questions:

1. Do you carry...?
If you did not see your desired item on the website with an Add to Cart tag, we do not have this item in stock at this time. Our buyers order products based on customer demand. It would not be a bad idea for you to request that we order a particular item that you desire. If you do not see a product listed at all, it's because we have not negotiated a distribution agreement with the manufacturer. Please let us know if there's a particular line you want to see us carry.
2. Can you do special orders?
We have established relationships with many manufacturers and distributors and can often get specialty items or items that we don't advertise as carrying. If you are interested in something specific, please don't hesitate to contact us. You may be surprised at what we can do!
3. Can you find a retired item for me?
Retired items can be tricky in this business, but we can always try. We want to remind you that as a rule manufacturers of collectibles protect the value of their products by limiting the release size and will not manufacture new pieces after the run is completed. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to track it down. We can't promise that we'll succeed, but we do promise to try.


1. Do you give donations?
Yes, we do give donations. Each month we set aside a certain amount of money, based on profits from the previous month. We evaluate all requests and make allocations the first week of each month.
2. What do you donate?
We give donations of store gift certificates. These certificates are good for anything that we carry and can be used as raffle prizes, awards and rewards.
3. How do I qualify for a donation?
Our company policy is that donations can be made only to non-profit entities with 501(c)(3) status from the IRS. Our goal is to help organizations that help communities across America. Non-profits may apply only once per year.
4. How do I apply for a donation?
Please send us a letter on your letterhead explaining what you are seeking donations for. Please include a copy of your IRS issued Exempt Organization Determination Letter and EIN/TIN. All requests are evaluated the first business day of the month following receipt of your request. Click here for our contact information.

Trail of Painted Ponies:

1. Do you know when the new ponies will be released? Do you know which ponies will be retired next?
We wish we did, but as it turns out, the manufacturer loves to keep this information a secret even from their dealers. We will provide this information as soon as it's made available to us. If you are interested, you can subscribe to our e-mail list and we will update you as soon as we find out. We promise that your information will not be sold or traded away and that the only thing you will get from us are news bulletins related to the information you have requested. Click here to sign up to our mailing list.
2. How do I read the numbers on the bottom of the ponies?
All ponies in the Trail of the Painted Ponies line come with individual numbers. These can be treated as serial numbers for each horse. As a rule, you will see a number that looks like 1E/1234 on the bottom of the base. 1E represents the edition of the pony. Sometimes the edition number is stamped and other times it will be hand written. Each edition starts at the sequence number 0001 and continues to 9999, then the edition number would be incremented to 2E and the sequence number would restart at 0001 and so on. Technically, there are no more than 9,999 ponies in each edition. The sequence number will always consist of four digits. The first pony will always be numbered 1E/0001. If you find a pony with fewer than four digits (see exception below), it's probably been 'edited' after it left the factory. Likewise, if the pony has a smudge under the number, it's probably because someone tried to modify the number.

In the initial run of the first herd of ponies, the bases were numbered without an edition number. In this first run sequences range from 1 to 3,600 and then become 1E/3601. These are rare to find as most are held by hard core collectors and are extremely expensive.

There are also unnumbered ponies that will show up on occassion. These are showroom models and may come with a completely blank base or with a pre-stamped, but unnumbered base. These ponies are removed from the manufacturing line before being completed and are used in showrooms for buyers to see. These ponies are not sold to the public, but on rare occassion may slip to collectors with contacts.

With all that said, is a 1E/1234 pony any different from a 2E/1234 pony? Fundamentally, no. They are manufactured on the same assembly line, using the same molds. The only difference is in the order in which the ponies were manufactured and the prestege associated with the number.
3. Do you purchase collectables/retired ponies from individuals?
If you have a pony you wish to sell, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the specifics and consider the purchase of your item.
4. How big are the large ponies? Is there anything special about them?
Large ponies are replicas of the smaller ponies of the same name. They share a similar numbering system, but runs of large ponies are significantly smaller and thus more limited. Standard size pony figurines are about 6" to 7" high. This height varies for ponies with special gear such as a hat or a spear. Large ponies are 9" to 10" high.
5. Did you raise the prices on Painted Ponies?
We did and we are sorry. All businesses that carry Enesco licensed products received a lengthy letter from Enesco stating, in short, that "...Enesco has unilaterally established [a] Dealership Policy such that all of the Covered Brands must be advertised at or above Enesco's keystone price..." That is, we are obligated to sell the Trail of Painted Ponies line at or above Enesco's MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price), effective November 1, 2011. Failure to follow the Enesco Authorized Dealership Policy will mean that we will no longer be able to carry the line and thus we have to comply. We will keep prices on Painted Ponies at the lowest level Enesco allows. We are still dedicated to superior service to our customers and will do everything in our power to give you the best shopping experience possible. If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call of the Wolf:

1. Do you know what the official Call of the Wolf website is?
There is no manufacturer sponsored website for Call of the Wolf and at the present time there are no plans for one to be created. You can find the collector's checklist here. If you have a question about the series, contact us and we will try to find the answer for you.

2. What's the difference between a large wolf and a small wolf of the same name?
The size. The large wolves are special runs of the standard size figurines. The better selling small wolves are the ones selected for the limited large figurine run. Standard size figurines are about 6" high. Large wolf figurines are 8.25" high.

3. Is Wolf Spirit the same as Call of the Wolf?
Call of the Wolf is a product by Westland Giftware. Wolf Spirit is a product by Pacific Giftware. The wolves are of similar body style and size, but the two product lines are not releated.

Canned Critters:

1. That's not real meat, is it?
Nope. It's a stuffed animal stuffed in a can. Can opener is required if you want to get the critter out.

2. Is the animal spring loaded?
No. This is not a gag gift that jumps out at an unsuspecting victim. It's just a furry critter in a can. And no, we can't add a spring to the can, either. The cans come sealed from the cannery.


1. How exactly does this work?
You tell us the charity that you like. We send them 5% of your purchase as a donation in your name.

2. Do I get charged extra in my purchase if I choose a charity to contribute to?
No. You will be charged for the items you purchased and shipping. We will make the charitable donation on your behalf.

3. Is my contribution tax deductible?
Please direct this question to your accountant or income tax preparer. We're retailers. We're not qualified to answer this question.

4. Do you give my personal information to the charity?
No, we do not. We will make a donation in your name to the charity you selected. They will know your name and your city. Your address, e-mail and telephone number will not be released.

5. You have a limited list of charities.
5. My favorite charity is not on your list.
There are thousands of worthwhile charities out there. We simply don't have the ability to list all of them. If you are interested in a particular charity, please contact us and we will add them. All charities must be based out of the United States and hold 501(c)(3) exemption from the IRS.

6. Do you send money to foreign charities?
No, we do not. We work only with charities based in the United States, but many of these charities may support projects abroad.

7. Do you have more information about these charities?
You can visit the webpages for these charities to review their work and how they handle contributions:
    American Red Cross -
    American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -
    Code 3 Associates -
    Dumb Friends League -
    Habitat for Humanity -
    National Speleological Society -
    Salvation Army -
    Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation -
    United Way -
    World Wildlife Fund -


1. Solar!
In 2010 we went solar! We installed a 5.4 KW DC photovoltaic system that generates power for us and puts electricity back in the grid. So far we have managed to stay energy neutral when it comes to electricity.
2. CFL
We changed all of our lighting from traditional incandescent bulbs and fixtures to energy efficient compact fluorescent lights and LEDs. This reduces our energy use for lighting by a solid 75%!
3. Faucets
Standard water faucets have flows of two to three gallons per minute. We have upgraded all faucets with flow control tips that restrict water flow to one gallon per minute. This reduces our water use by 50%!
4. Packaging
You've probably noticed that we send orders in boxes that do not carry our logo. Our goal is to conserve resources. We get tons of boxes from various vendors and if we go the traditional route and toss these boxes in favor of buying boxes that have our logo, we will be paying for trash removal and for boxes that generally exist for a single trip. Recycling the boxes that are sent to us both saves money and protects the environment.
5. Recycling
It's easy to just toss things, but we try hard to be nature conscious. We recycle paper, plastic and metals. It's easy to do and benefits our environment!

If you have suggestions about improving this website, please feel free to send us feedback. A capable team of programmers is always standing by to make a Snaggy diMe a better place!

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