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Trail of Painted Ponies
Horse of a Different Color
Call of the Wolf
Year of the Horse
Painted in conjunction with the Chinese "Year of t...more...
price: $150.00
Rio Carnevale
...see item...
price: $60.00
Star Flow Wolf
...see item...
price: $70.00

Collector's Checklists:
Call of the Wolf
Forever in Blue Jeans
On Angel's Wings
On Eagle's Wings
Trail of Painted Ponies
Trail of Painted Ponies Books
Trail of Painted Ponies Ornaments
Trail of Painted Ponies Other
Horse of a Different Color
Horse of a Different Color Ornaments
Horse of a Different Color Other
Reindeer Connection
Reindeer Connection Ornaments
Tusk Miniatures
Tusk Ornaments
Wolf Spirit
Wolf Spirit
Northern Spirit Wolf
price: $19.95
Cow Parade
Jacques MOOsteau
price: $100.00

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